The mission of the CSKT CASA/GAL (Court Appointed Special Advocate/Guardian ad Litem) Program is to promote, advocate and protect the best and legal interests of abused and neglected children who are the subject of judicial proceedings. CASA/GAL volunteers provide advocacy for abused and neglected children and to protect the legal right consistent with tribal cultures and customs of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.

Referrals and special circumstances in cases under the jurisdiction of the CSKT Tribal Court (not to exceed 4 cases assigned for each CASA/GAL volunteer), providing there is an adequate base of trained volunteer resources available.

1. Child(ren) in the foster care system who have suffered extreme child abuse and neglect, particularly sexual abuse.
2. Child(ren) in the foster care system who have suffered severe aggravated abuse & neglect.
3. Child(ren) in the foster care system who have been subjected to multiple referrals, hearings and placements.
4. Special Circumstances – Judge(s) will decide when a “special circumstance” arises that requires appointment of a CASA/GAL volunteer.

The Tribal Court retains the right to directly refer a case for CASA/GAL volunteer appointment. CASA/GAL assignments require a Court Order. All referrals will be forwarded to the Judge of record for consideration. The following parties to Court proceedings may make a request to the Court for referral of a case for CASA appointment: TSSD Representative, an Attorney for the child or an Attorney for the child’s family.